Records Management Specialists


Hello, I'm Michelle, I am the owner of "Records Management Specialists" and "Totally for Seniors."

Sometimes people find their dream job right away, others may never find it, I have found mine and everyone knows it.

Numbers have thrilled me since the 1st grade when a fellow classmate and I used to challenge each other to complete our math and get ahead. We both ended up completing the 2nd grade math before completing 1st grade (I even still remember his first name, Erik).

Entrepreneurship was a close behind from that time on. When I was 9, I wheeled my wagon to the back of the yard to sell drinks and snacks to the construction workers of the development behind our house. I expanded to making crafts for the workers then sold them at craft shows. On the weekends, I ran a snack bar at a small mall in Georgetown. Soon I began cutting lawns, raking leaves and helping with other odd jobs. I started baby sitting by about the 4th or 5th grade. My parents started their jewelry business at home, so it was a natural for at least one of their six children to become an entrepreneur.

Today I am a Daily Money Manager (DMM) a Bookkeeper/Personal Money Assistant, Mobile and Remote Online Notary.

Do you have concerns about bill paying and records management?

Many people are these days with their busy lifestyles. Some people just don’t like to do it and don’t do it on a routine basis. Some people it just isn’t their thing and they aren’t very good at it. For others it just may be very stressful for them and they’d like someone else to take away their headache.

Whatever your reason, we are here for you; we are your stress eraser.

What is a “Daily Money Manager” you ask?

The American Association of Daily Money Managers describes it well: “Daily Money Managers (DMMs) provide personal business assistance to clients who have difficulty in managing their personal monetary affairs. The services meet a continuum of needs, from organizing and keeping track of financial and medical insurance papers, to assisting with check writing and maintaining bank accounts.”

However, I’d like to add to that definition. A person who has “difficulty in managing their personal monetary affairs,” is one type of client, the one that doesn’t understand or is overwhelmed by today’s high-tech ways, but there are also those who just don’t feel like doing it or they don’t have the time. Whatever the reason, regardless of anything, I and my staff are here for you, we have been doing it for years on both the personal level and business level, so we are the right DMM for you. Our budgets have really helped our clients reach their goals, increase their credit scores and feel great.

What are my qualifications that would make you trust me and want to hire my company?

I have been a Bookkeeper and Office Manager for over 25 years (all my adult life) and continue to be because, to be quite honest with you, as my primary client (who used to be my full-time boss) gets older and older, he needs me more and more. He feels he can’t live without me, which is why he has hired my company allowing me to continue to pursue my dream job (I remain loyal to him).

Before working for him I had my own business for a very long time. I was a “Virtual Assistant” before people had ever heard of such a thing. I’ve been doing it so long that I used to advertise my services in the Washington Post and get lots of new business (today we use social media for the most part).

Yes, we take our bookkeeping and management skills very seriously and will go through our clients’ mail (with them or without out them, it is their choice) and get rid of the bad and only keep the good. Then we set-up a system to get all their bills paid on time and often early and manage their money with them (we never require that we have power of signature or passwords for anything). The extent of what we do for our clients is determined by the client.

My friends and colleagues ages range from their 20s to 90s, I work well for and with everyone. I’m told constantly that I’m just too nice, that I’m unbelievable, and since finding my dream job – I’ve found the perfect career for me. Don’t be surprised if you see me glowing and when you ask why I tell you I just worked someone’s budget for the next 15 months, or I just found out that someone’s credit score is up as a result of my work, or that their big bill has been completely paid off and they feel an iron blanket has been lifted.

We don’t only help those that can’t do the work themselves, we also help those that don’t have the time or don’t like to do these things. Some people just don’t want to pay their bills, balance the checkbook, or reconcile their credit card bills and insurance claims, some people don’t want to clean the house or do the yard work, some people need a little extra help with their computer or Smart phone, some people don’t want to buy groceries or put them away, some people just don’t want to organize the house and put things out after a move. You know what, that’s why we higher other people to do these things for us, even pick up the dog poop in our backyard.

We perform several of the services you’ll find on this website ourselves, but we know when and how to get someone else for the things that we are not as qualified to do as someone else.

I grew up 2nd to the youngest in a family of 6 children and being in that position I learned a lot. I wish we were all still here, but unfortunately, we aren’t. Some have passed, others have moved away. I am giving back.

Who we help

• Busy Professionals/Executives

• High Net Worth Individuals and Families

• Military Personnel and Veterans

• Non-profit Organizations

• People with disabilities, chronic illness, including mental


• People in life transition – divorce, loss of spouse, newly

   engaged or married, new to the workforce

• Seniors and Adult Children

• Small Business Owners

• The stay at home Mom or Dad that needs just a few extra

   hours every so often

We understand

The involvement of an outsider in personal financial affairs may be too intimidating for some, but most clients find that once they have established a relationship with their DMM, they don’t know how they managed without one. A DMM is to a private individual what a Bookkeeper is to a business. As the American population continues to change in both age and lifestyle, Daily Money Management services are becoming a mainstay.

What to expect at the free consult

This is a time for you to meet me face to face. When I come I will bring you a welcome package that has a blank retainer agreement, our fact sheet, insurance certificate, certificate of our background check, copy of our business license and state corporation, our confidentiality agreement and anything else you ask me to bring. I leave all these papers for your review after I leave, when you are deciding on your next step.

We may get into other unrelated conversation during this meeting because well, I am friendly. Please run the meeting as you feel comfortable with. References are available upon request.